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Length: 5:16
Rated Mature by 2 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

The final, beautiful day of his life.

This is a two-part DeadlyDymes Double-Take. Which version is your favorite? Leave your comments down below!

(bold = more extreme)

by bone180  
Loved the groin kicks after the KO and neck break! Loved the look into the camera too after the stomp! Awesome editing too!
by tamakeri  
Oh my God. That was incredible! VICTORY! Oshun is worth 1 million dollars, so i hope she is well compensated. THE GREATEST DYME EVER. That axe stomp! OHM that was cool. All of shelf, 100$ grade A awesomeness. THANK YOU!
by bigaction  
Victory version hands-down. EPIC neck break.